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stella is introduced and gets her first

stella gets a sound leather paddling for
being rude to people on set

We were really delighted and surprised when one of Holland's top models and adult actresses contacted us. Stella is 26, single, stunningly beautifull, and she is well known in the adult
industry and she also appears and presents a few adult softcore programs  late at night on TV here.
She is a bit of a diva sometimes and very naughty. She has been fascinated lately by getting spanked for that so she contacted us, market leaders in warming\ up female bottoms :) She will report regularly and I am sure she will appear on a regular basis
on our site.
As per tradition after her introduction she goes across my knee for her first spanking

Stella came to us and she told me that a few days ago it was very hot on the set from a TV program and that she was rude to people. No excuse of course so I told her to lay over the table and I gave her the first taste of our trusty old leather paddle. After the paddling she had to stand in the corner for half an hour She is a real little diva and it will take many more spankings to teach her to be a polite well behaved young madam.




stella gets a sound bedroom strapping for
oversleeping and being late for a shoot


Our little Diva Stella overslept a few days back with the result that she was late for an important shoot. As it was a sleeping offence I dragged her lazy bottom up to the bedroom laid her over the bed and gave her a sound strapping! She has been up every morning early since then so it looks like it
worked :)




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