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 stephanie'S FIRST 

stephanie's second
spanking: 2 videos

Naughty Stephanie gets her bottom smacked 
for the first time

Soon after the first spanking it was necessary to turn
her over the knee and spank her bottom soundly and she was sent into the corner for the first time


 stephanie gets punished for
bad test results: 3 videos

stephanie is punished
for truancy

Sephanie failed two tests at school so she was severly punished by us. She got a good spanking with a table 
tennis bat and she was strapped soundly

When we learned that Stephanie had played truant and had been drinking, she was punished severely! She was handspanked otk, given the hairbrush, a good birching and spent a long time in the corner

steph_truant.jpg (95585 bytes)
  steph_truant2.jpg (76549 bytes)

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 stephanie gets the junior cane
for missing a class: 2 videos

stephanie gets spanked for
missing her train

We received another note saying that she had missed
another class so drastic measures were called for
she was caned with the junior cane and attended
all her classes sitting on a sore bottom

When she came to us the last time, she was 30 minutes
late! As soon as she entered, she was taken over the 
knee and soundly spanked

steph_cane2.jpg (140113 bytes) steph_cane4.jpg (107833 bytes)

steph_train2.JPG (105717 bytes)

 stephanie gets 
strapped otk

stephanie gets the belt for
not returning a few books

After her spanking for missing her train, it was obvious that she had NOT been behaving since the last time we saw her so she was taken over the knee again and our leather strap was applied good, long and hard!

Stephanie had borrowed a few books from Kelly but she
forgot to return them to her. She was bent over our
special punishment/fitness device and given a 
good belting

 steph_strap2.jpg (117236 bytes)

steph_belt2.jpg (188199 bytes)

 stephanie gets birched for
wearing string panties


When we were punishing little Stephanie for not returning
books on time, we noticed that she was wearing string
panties again!! She got a good 24 stroke birching and
some penitance time kneeling in the corner





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