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The thalia interview and her first spanking

thalia gets her special stop smoking spanking

Meet the adorable 24 year old Thalia dear members! Thalia lives in Belgium, she is single and she is a sub. She had a Dom but that relationship broke up. She was spanked a lot and she misses it teriibly. She saw our website and contacted us because we can give her what she needs and craves. As tradition dictates I interview her briefly and then I put her across My knee for her first spanking in quite a while.

Thalia wants to quit smoking and I promised her during her interview that I would give her our special stop smoking spanking and here is the video. For those of you who haven't seen Kitty and Betty get our stop smoking spanking the idea is quite simple. I put Thalia across my knee, bared her bottom and she had to light a cigarette. She then had to smoke it while I spanked her soundly non stop untill the cigarette was finished





When Thalia came over I did an unexpected purse check and I found a packet of smokes which I hadn't secretely marked. That meant that the little madam had bought them herself and she lied to Me about it. Time for a very sore bottom! I gave her a good strapping, a dose of the heavy leather paddle and 12 hard smacks with our heavy hairbrush while she knelt in a chair, bottom up. Afterwards she was saying hi to the familiar corner again.




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