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 tina's interview

 tina's first spanking

A lovely student nurse called Tina contacted us and she told us that when she was younger her father was very strict and spanked her frequently to keep her well behaved and it worked. Now that she is a student she misses the strictness and especially the spankings if she doesn't behave herself. We agreed that we would act "in loco parentis" and redden her bottom should she not behave as she should. She is a vibrant, lovely young woman and I am sure you will love her as much as we do

After the interview Tina was taken across the knee and her bottom felt the sting of her first spanking followed by some
time with her nose in the corner

She now knows what she can expect in the future if she doesn't behave herself

 tina gets a sound paddling for
partying instead of studying

tina gets a spanking for oversleeping
for an exam

We knew Tina had an exam on Monday so we called her on Saturday night to see if her nose was in her books. No reply! We asked her to come over the next day and it turns out the little minx went to a party instead of studying. Without dely she was bent over and her bottom got a good long paddling with our leather paddle followed by half an hour nose in the corner

Tina was 10 minutes late for an exam because she overslept!. Luckily her kind professor let her take the exam. She came to us and confessed and told us that she deserved a spanking. As she came to us and confessed we decided to be lenient this time and just gave her a good over the knee hand spankingg. After the spanking she pressed her nose into the corner by herself as
she felt she deserved that too

 tina gets a hard spanking with our heavy
belt otk for failing an exam

tina and haley are both spanked soundly
 and get cornertime

Tina called us in between classes and she wanted to come over straight away because she was feeling bad. When she arrived, she told us that she had gotten the results back from an important exam and that she had failed. She asked us to spank her because that was what she deserved and needed and what her father would have given her. We took our new heavy leather belt, laid the little miss over the knee and gave her a good long belting. She sat in class the rest of the day on a very sore and stinging bottom!

As you saw in part 1 Haley got a sound spanking for spending their household money on clothes. In the first part of this video she gets the rest of her sound spanking while Tina watches. She is put in the corner and is sent home with a very sore bottom! Tina is then scolded and taken over the knee for her spanking. Her skirt is soon raised and her panties come down as she is soundly chastised for coming a day early. After the spanking she is put in the corner for 15 minutes to learn to read her agenda properly the next time




 tina gets soundly strapped for going
to bed too late

tina gets a good spanking for not
eating healthy

Tina, as any student normally does, goed to bed way too late every night. She told us that her Father used to strap her across her bed if she resisted going to bed when she was younger so we made a strap ourselves. When she came over, we laid her across a new stool we made and strapped her bottom soundly just like if she was laying across her bed for Daddy

We found a Big Mac wrapper in Tina's purse and she confessed that she is quite lazy when it comes to cooking. She eats a lot of junkfood which is not good for a student. She was ordered over the knee and she got a good spanking to warn her to eat
more healthy in the future. The silly girl wore her old schoolgirl knickers under her pants to try and soften the spanking but they came down pretty soon!
We will be keeping a close eye on her eating habits



 tina gets a good spanking for missing 2
classes before going on holiday

tina gets soundly spanked with 2 spatulas for eating junkfood again

When Tina came to us after her holiday she had a confession. She booked her holiday too early with the result that she missed 2 classes. As she confessed she just got a good hand spanking over the side of our sofa. This video is in a new widescreen format and in a 1500 kbps resolution

When Tina sat on our couch we noticed a chocolate bar AND another MC Donalds wrapper. She was immediately dragged to the middle of our living room, put on a scale, and her bottom got a good spanking with 2 spatulas untill it wasvery tender and sore. Afterwards she had to spend 30 minutes in the corner to reflect



 tina gets a good slippering for
losing her purse


Tina confessed to us that she had lost her purse while out shopping. This merits a very sore bottom and as she was wearing a summer dress with slippers we decided to spank her with one of them. She knelt on our punishment stool and her bottom was spanked a fiery painfull red with the slipper. This video is dedicated to all those members who wanted to see a slipper being used






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