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tooru interview

tooru's first spanking

My name is Tooru and i am a single Asian girl living also in Holland. i am 23. My parents were very strict and they spanked me untill i was 18 when my boyfriend took over but we broke up. Now i found Mike and Kelly and they said they will punish me when i am naughty which they DO!

After Tooru told us about her strict upbringing and boyfriend, I took her across my knee for her first spanking. She was quite suprised in how hard I spank.  

tooru gets a sound leather paddling for forgetting to pick the kids up from school

tooru gets a sound otk birching and 
wooden paddling

Little Tooru came to us and she felt bad about the fact that the day before she was watching her favourite sitcom and she plain forgot to pick up the kids. I decided that her cute Asian bottom deserved the leather paddle so I made her bend over, hand on the seat and I gave her a sound leather paddling. Afterwards she was put in the corner with the warning should she do that again, something wood will be visiting her bottom!

When our Asian minx reported to us as instructed, she confessed that she forgot to pick up the kids again! and after weighing her, she had put on a bit of weight instead of losing it. For not picking up the kids again I put her across my knee and gave her a bare bottom OTK birching which she really felt! For not losing weight I gave her a wooden paddling combined with a bit of excersise. I finished of her punishment with 6 hard smacks with our Board of education and she spent an hour submissively in the corner on her knees, hand behind her back, nose to the floor.


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