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vanessa's first spanking

vanessa gets soundly paddled for going
out without permission

We are delighted to welcome the beautifull and lovely 18 year old Vanessa on the site. She has been fascinated and loves spanking for many years now and when she saw RLS she had to contact us. Just like any 18 year old she is naughty as Hell so she will be seen lots and lots on RLS :)

Most new girls don't realize at first how serious I am and Vanessa is no different. Last weekend she went out without asking me for permission so she was told to come over and she was soon bending over my desk getting her cute 18 year old bottom soundly paddled. Followed by some time in the corner of




vanessa asks for a sound spanking and
she loves it


Little Vanessa was felling a bit restless so she called us and asked if I would give her a sound spanking across my knee. Of course I obliged :) I put her across my knee and warmed up her bottom up quite nicely. It was just what she needed

Our little cutie Vanessa was naughty again dear members. She stayed up all night gaming on her Xbox even though she had
an important appointment early the next day.
Due to the gaming she overslept as well. I decided that I am going to give her a sound bare bottom spanking (member request), a sound birching and the belt in the diaper position. I also had her meet our dreaded punishment stool which she loved (NOT!)



vanessa gets a good spanking for
denting her car

vanessa gets soundly paddled for not
taking her car to the garage

Young Vanessa confesssed to me that she was reckless while driving and she dented her car. She also asked to be spanked because she felt guilty. She didn't need to ask because she was soon over my knee getting that lovely bottom soundly spanked. I then told her that I made an appointment at my garage for her to get that dent taken out. 

As you remember the last time, I told her that I made an appointment  at my garage for her to get that dent taken out. Did she show up? No she didn't! Time for sterner measures. I warmed her up with a good spanking and then gave her a good hard paddling followed by a lenghty reflection time on our punishment tray

vanessa gets soundly punsihed for
trying xtc at a party part 1 and 2


As we all know teenagers experiment with all sorts of alcohol and drugs. The big difference here is that when one of our girls do that, they get their bottoms soundly spanked! Such is the case today with our little Vanessa. The little madam
went to a party and there, under peer presure, she took a few
XTC pills.
She felt guilty afterwards and confessed to me. Because she confessed, I did not cane her but gave her a sound hand spanking followed by another hard hairbrush spanking. They have to learn to SAY NO!






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