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3 high definition widescreen wmv videos uploaded

vanessa's first spanking

vanessa soundly punished for spending
and speeding part 1 and 2

Today we are delighted to introduce the latest addition to our team. Meet the lovely 33 year old Vanessa Vanessa has a love for old cars especially the classic Americans. This means that she spends too much money on them, gets caught
speeding often etc.
She is in need of a firm hand to control her 4 wheel desires so she contacted us. She has never been spanked before.

It didn't take long for Vanessa fo confess that she needs to be spanked again. First she bought a very expensive carborator for her car and secondly the little madam was caught speeding. For the over spending I gave her a sound leather paddling followed by some time on our Punishment Tray. For the speeding I took a leather strap to her bare bottom.




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