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 The introduction video and liza's first 
spanking for buying a tracksuit without
permission uploaded


We are delighted to introduce a new couple to real life 
spankings. Vincent and Liza. Vincent is 30 and Liza 27
They are relatively new to spanking but they both love it!
Liza gets her bottom smacked regularly and they really wanted to be a part of real life spankings. In this first video Liza gets a sound hand spanking for buying a tracksuit 
without permission

After Liza's first spanking and while she was still in the corner, Vincent noticed the ruler on the table and decided that He was going to give her a little extra for buying the tracksuit without permission. He gave her a nice little spanking while she knelt on the chair

LIZA GETS soundly paddled for

Liza gets the hairbrush for 
forgetting the shopping

A few days prior to this video Liza was feeling rather horny while Vincent wasn't home so she pleasured herself using a dildo. Vincent caught her and he decided to wait with her punishment untill they visited us so it could be filmed and shared with you members. Vincent gave Liza a sound 
paddling with our leather paddle

As you have seen in their previous video, Liza was spanked 
with the leather paddle for masturbating. After that spanking while sitting on our couch, Liza confessed that, because she spent so much time playing with herself, she forgot to do the shopping!. She was pulled over Vince's knee and her allready tender bottom felt our hairbrush

LIZA GETS soundly spanked
for bad navigation in the car

liza gets soundly paddled for staying 
out late and drinking

Vince and Liza visited us again to discuss Liza's behaviour since we last saw them and as soon as they were in the door Liza was over Vince's knee because on the way over she forgot the route and got lost. The spanking started over her jeans but those came down soon and her bare bottom was spanked soundly

After Liza got her spanking for bad navigation we discussed further things she did that were naughty or bad and apparently she had gone out a few times, forgot to call and was slightly intoxicated. We decided to try out our new leather paddle over the trestle. Liza got a good paddling over her tight jeans and bare bottom. She was also put into the corner for a while to refect on what she did

LIZA GETS a nude birching for
playing with herself again!

liza gets spanked in white
schoolgirl panties

Vince caught Liza surfing naughty sites and playing with herself again! You remember the last time He caught her, she was spanked soundly but this time we decided a humiliating nude birching was just the right punishment. Liza had to take off all her clothes and she got a good bare bottom birching
while bending over. Afterwards she had to spend time in the corner to think about how naughty she has been

Participation on RLS is very important and members can send us requests regarding clothing they would like the girls to wear etc. Quite a few members wanted to see Liza spanked in a pair of white panties so we obliged and in this video Liza is spanked otk wearing a pair of white schoolgirl knickers

LIZA GETS a long sound otk spanking
for burning dinner

liza gets spanked by mike for staying out all night while vince was away on business

Liza burned the dinner and ruined it. Vince decided to postpone her spanking till they visited us and when they arrived, Liza was taken across Vince's knee and got a long
spanking followed by a long time in the corner while we enjoyed a cool drink as it was very hot that day

When Vince was away on business Liza thought it's party time! WRONG!! Vince checked up on her and when she wasn't home late at night, he called us and told us to give Liza a good spanking. She showed up thinking she was going to have a cup of tea and a friendly chat but we gave her a painfull chat on her bare bottom across the knee

LIZA GETS a sound strapping by mike for
buying lingerie while vince was away on
business: part 1

LIZA GETS a sound strapping by mike for
buying lingerie while vince was away on
business: part 2

This is the second punishment Liza got while Vince was away on business. Vince checked their bank acount through internet banking and he noticed that Liza had withdrawn 200 Euros and it became clear that she had bought lingerie. She was ordered to bare her bottom and she got a good strapping in 2 different
positions. She was sent home with a nice stinging red and sore bottom

In part 2 Liza has to lie over our special punishment stool and her bare bottom is again soundly strapped!. She is sent home with a very sore and red bottom and hopefully she learned that buying clothes without Vince's permission results in a very sore bottom

LIZA GETS soundly punished for scratching
the car: part 1

LIZA GETS soundly punished for scratching
the car: part 2

While taking the car to go shopping Liza was not carefull enough and she scratched the bumper. Vince wanted to tan her bottom straight away but decided to wait untill they
visited us. Liza was bent over and she got a good thrashing with the carpet beater over her jeans.

In part 2 her jeans and panties come down and her bare bottom recieves a good spanking with our honeystick. Afterwards she is put in the corner again to reflect


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