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 wendy's interview

 wendys first spanking

Wendy mailed us explaining how a month ago she and her boyfriend broke up. He used to be very strict with her and spank her when she was "bad" as she put it. She really misses and needs a firm hand in her life so we agreed that we would
keep a very close and strict eye on her.
She is a very tall little lady who is used to getting her own way so I think she is
going to need lots of sore bottoms to keep her in line.

As usual after the interview she was taken across the knee for her first spanking over her tight jeans and bare bottom. She was made to feel that we mean business and no disobedience will be tolerated whatsoever!

 wendy gets a sound otk spanking with our
leather paddle for going to bed too late

wendy gets a good leathering and cornertime for dressing inappropriately

Straight after her first spanking we ordered Wendy to bare her bottom and sit at Kelly's desk and write down a few of the things that were bad. After reading the list we decided to punish her for the first thing on the list which was that she goes to bed far too late!. She was bent over the knee and her bare bottom got a good long spanking with our leather paddle.

Wendy came over to discuss the next topic on her list of misdeeds but when we saw how she was dressed, she got an extra punishment first. She was bent over, received a firm hand spanking followed by a sound leathering on her bare bottom. Afterwards she was put in the corner to reflect.

 wendy gets a good spanking in an fitting
position for not returning her library books

wendy gets a good hairbrush spanking for dressing like a little hussy

After she got spanked for flirting, and her bottom cooled off a bit, she was told to fetch her library books out of her bag. They were 2 weeks overdue! We decided to spank her in an unusual position for this and she was told to kneel on our punishment stool, head down near the floor, and the library books were placed in front of her so she can look at them while her bottom feels the sting and burn of a good spanking. She was sent straight to the library after her spanking and she returned the books.

Wendy showed up looking like a little hussy!. It seemed that the little minx was testing me. Well we won't have that so she was told to kneel while the chair and hairbrush was fetched and she was pulled across the knee, bottom was bared, and she got a
good taste of the hairbrush across her bare bottom.
After she was sent straight into the corner and she was told that her punishment was not yet over. In the next video she will get 6 strokes of the cane completely nude!

 wendy gets a sharp nude caning for
being defiant!


After the little disobedient minx got her bottom warmed with the hairbrush for dressing indecently again and she spent almost an hour in the corner, she was told to take of all her clothes and get ready for a short sharp 6 stroke
I don't usually resort to the cane in the first few discipline sessions but this little madam was so defiant she got 6 good bare bottom lashes from our new school cane. 

( A gift we got from Fran from www.canes4pain.com while we were in Vegas)




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