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 yashaa's first spanking

 yashaa get the tawse

Yashaa gets her first spanking

Yashaa had been staying out all night so it was time to teach her a lesson. She got a good tawsing

 yashaa gets 
the birch

 yashaa gets spanked for
cheekiness in the chat

Yashaa gets her first spanking

Yashaa has also been very cheeky to a member in the
chatroom so we punished her by a good spanking

 yashaa gets spanked for

 yashaa gets paddled for

When we visited Yashaa, we found that her house
was a mess!. Time for some drastic measures
She was taken over the knee and her bottom was
spanked soundly!

A spanking wasn't enough we felt so we gave her
18 strokes on her bare bottom with the leather paddle

 yashaa gets spanked
with a spatula

 yashaa spanked on a
sunday trip

Our little Yashaa is a hard learner. When we looked at
her kitchen a few days later, it was a mess so we gave her
a darn good bare bottom smacking with a wooden

When Yashaa took a nice trip with us, they ended up being
very naughty so, without hesitation, Yashaa was turned
over a knee in the woods and spanked!

 yashaa gets 

 yashaa gets a sound
jeans spanking

The plan was that they would also be switched in the
woods but it started to rain so we made Yashaa pick
a switch and she was switched the minute we came

One of our regular members wanted to see Yashaa
spanked in tight pants so we made her put on her
tight leather pants and she was spanked hard!

 yashaa gets spanked
soundly for drinking

 yashaa doing

When Yashaa was supposed to be studying, we smelt
alcohol on her breath. She was marched upstairs
and spanked severely!

After the spanking, she was sent with her nose
into the corner and sobbed because her bum
hurt so much

 yashaa gets spanked
soundly for drinking

 yashaa gets switched
from a member

Sometimes when one of our girls repeat the disobedience
more sterner measures are called for. When we caught
Yashaa drinking and smoking again, she was caned

We are real people and sometimes we meet members
in person. This member wanted to switch Yashaa so we
obliged. We had fun!


 yashaa gets spanked
for bad grades

 yashaa gets the
wooden spoon

We keep a close eye on Yashaa's studies and when she
got a few bad grades, she got spanked HARD! by hand
and hairbrush

This is another member request. A good spanking
with a wooden spoon


yashaa gets the senior
cane for not studying

 yashaa gets birched for
not cleaning up

Once again the little madam was listening to music and
slacking when she was supposed to be studying so we
gave her a good thrashing with the senior cane

Yashaa was ordered to clean the living room but when we
returned she was watching TV so she felt the birch
explode across her disobedient bottom


yashaa gets the punishment

 yashaa's punishment 

After the birching she was sentenced to an hour on our
punishment cushion. It's a board with 100's of bottle tops
glued on

Yashaa decided to have a tattoo placed on her bum without her boyfriend's or our permission. We decided that an ordinary punishment was not enough so we decided to give her a punishment day. This meant that during the course of the day, she was spanked, strapped, tawsed, belted and caned at certain times



yashaa gets the belt
for napping

 yashaa gets a hotel
punishment: 4 videos

Yashaa was told to be ready in an hour but she decided
to take a nap. We can't have that so she was dragged
out of bed, lain over the side and given a good

When we learned that Yashaa had failed a few exams, we
couldn't wait for her to visit us so we met her in a local
hotel and there she was severely punished. A spanking,
a paddling, the ruler and the birch


yashaa_hotel2.jpg (121514 bytes)
hotel2.jpg (108506 bytes)

yashaa_hotel4.JPG (108178 bytes) yashaa_hotel6.jpg (106357 bytes)

yashaa gets spanked and slippered for
watching MTV instead of sleeping

yashaa gets caned for
watching MTV instead of sleeping

Yashaa spent the night and when Kelly and I were in bed we heard music comingfrom downstairs. Upon investigation we found Yashaa watching MTV at 3 in the morning.She was taken over the knee and got a good spanking followed by a dose of the slipper

As you saw in the last video Yashaa was spanked and slippered for watching MTV at 3 in the morning instead of sleeping. Well it didn't do the trick apparently because just as we were turning in we heard music coming from downstairs AGAIN!. I got dressed and went downstairs and gave Yashaa a good 6 of the best with our new senior cane. She went to sleep with a well striped sore bottom and was quiet as a mouse

yashaa gets the wooden spoon for
leaving her kitchen a mess

yashaa gets a sound belting
for speeding

When Kelly and I visited Yashaa unexpectatly we found her kitchen a total mess! A few days later she was ordered to come to us for her punishment and she was told to bring her own wooden spoon. Her jeans came down and over the knee she went for a good spanking

After Yashaa got a good spanking with the wooden spoon for leaving her kitchen a mess, she had to bend over the chair for a good belting on her tight jeans. The reason for that hiding was the fact that she got a speeding ticket for driving 12
kilometers too fast.
As you know we take our member suggestions very seriously and we got a few requests for the belt over tight jeans so we decided to give Yashaa 12 HARD strokes with the belt across her tight jeans. This one is for you guys!. This was not the last punishment she got that day. More coming soon


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