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yasmine interview

yasmine learns her rules and gets her first spanking and cornertime

Have you ever seen those rebel teens, dressed in gothic and the like hanging around at malls, street corners etc. and did you think they could benefit from a sound spanking? Well you would be suprised that some feel exactly the same way. Yasmine is one of them. She is a wild girl who just turned 18. Her parents never disciplined her (common amongst modern day parents) and she is failing her exams. She is in her final year at school. She therefore contacted Kelly and I and we are going to give her the discipline she needs and craves. We will give her strict rules and dress codes to follow and if she doesn't listen, her 18 year old bottom is going to sting!! The first thing to go is her heavy make up.

After the interview she had to lay with her bottom bare over the coffeetable and write down her new rules. Then I placed her over my knee and her 18 year old bottom got it's first ever spanking. Then she was put in the corner to think about the new rules and her wild behaviour. 

yasmine gets a sound spanking and leather paddling for wearing too much make-up

yasmine gets our stinger for not obeying the rules

When I asked Yasmine to visit us again to see if she has been behaving herself, the little minx showed up with heavy black Gothic make-up and wearing latex black pants. I immediately sent her to the kitchen to remove all the make-up and when 
she returned she went straight over my knee and I gave her a good hand spanking followed by a dose of the leather paddle.
Afterwards her nose was pressed into our corner, her very sore little red wagon on display. She now knows that she must do as she is told!

Every night at 5 to 10 Yasmine has to switch on her webcam
dressed in her pyjamas si that I can see that she goes to bed.
Suprise when a few nights ago the little minx didn't show up. I phoned her and told her to report the next day and when she got here, I decided it was time for her to learn the rules again. Her escuse was that friends picked her up. I made her lay over the coffee table and while she had to read out the rules, I gave her 18 year old bottom some good smacks with our stingy stinger. ( the stinger is a ruler with a handle) Afterwards she had to spend 30 minutes in the corner, on her knees, hands on her head.

yasmine gets a sound spanking and one hour cornertime for failing a science test at school

yasmine gets soundly punished for failing
two exams part 1

Young Yasmine came to us and nervously handed over the result from a science test she had at school. She got a D minus. She knew very well what was going to happen and soon she was across my knee feeling my hard hand turning her 18 year old bottom into a fiery red oven. Afterwards I put her in the corner for a full hour and told her to be in bed by 9 every night, no going out without permission and 4 hours of
studying every day.

Little Yasmine was very nervous when she informed me that her exam results were out and she got a C- and a D- on two exams. She was told to come here and I decided to give her a memorable punishment. She deserved every smack because I know she can do well. She is a very bright girl. I improvised a quick punishment outfit including our dreaded punishment panties and scolded her. Then I started off by giving her a hard OTK spanking which had her in tears, followed by 30 minutes kneeling in the corner. Then I told her to kneel on our coffee table and put her results under her nose. Then I gave her a good leather paddling.

yasmine gets soundly punished for failing
two exams part 2

yasmine gets a reminder spanking for
being forgetfull

After the leather paddling I picked up the birch and gave her a good birching. Then I put her across My knee and continued the birching. I finished the spanking part of her punishment with a good spanking with our wooden hairbrush. She was crying real tears by this time so I decided to finish off her  punishment by putting her on our punishment stool for a full hour. She went home with a very very sore bottom.

It has been quite a while that I heard from Yasmine so I thought I would give her a ring. I made an appointment with her to come and see us and she almost forgot! When she was here I decided that a reminder spanking was needed so I put her across my knee and gave her a firm spanking which was long
After the spanking she was in our corner again her sore red 18 year old bottom on display.


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