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zelda's interview and first spanking

zelda gets a sound leather paddling for
locking her keys inside her  house

We are delighted to introduce another real next door girl to you. Meet Zelda!. Zelda is 32 years old, single and living by herself in the north of Holland. Farm country She is a charming young lady and you will adore her as much as we do I am sure. Zelda told me that she is very forgetfull and lazy and she really needs a sore bottom once in a while. She has been spanked before by a few boyfriends but that was a long
time ago. As per tradition on our site she was interviewed and she went across my knee for her first spanking and cornertime.

Zelda the silly girl, went out, closed her front door and realised she had left her keys inside the house. She had to call a locksmith to open the door. Nervously she told me about if knowing full well that her bottom would smart for being so careless. I told her to lay over the arm of our 2 seater and I gave her bottom a good leather paddling. After the paddling her sore red bottom felt the uncomfortable sensation of our dreaded punishment stool for 10 minutes.

zelda gets a sound spanking for missing
a doctor's appointment

zelda gets a sound spanking with our carpet
beater for forgetting to pay her rent

Our little farm girl from the North Zelda came to us again and she was not too happy with herself. She forgot a doctor's appointment. Time for another sore bottom dear members. I laid the little madam across my knee and gave her a sound spanking. Afterwards she was on her knees in the corner for half an hour her sore red stinging bottom on display.

Our little farm girl forgot to pay her rent dear members. Time for another sore, red stinging Dutch bottom! Hands on our coffee table she got a sound spanking with our traditional
Dutch implement the carpetbeater.
12 on her jeans, 6 on her panties and 6 on her bare bottom. She was then sent into the corner for an hour but when she got out of the corner she forgot to call Me Sir again so I made her bend over again and she got another 12 good strokes on her bare bottom.


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