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zina's first spanking

zina gets soundly strapped for staying
out all night

As I mentioned in Sacha's first spanking she has a close friend called Zina. Zina is originally from Greece but living in Amsterdam now. She loves getting spanked and dishing it out but finding someone in our scene is not easy as most of you know. When Sacha told her about us, she jumped for joy and here she is. She is 24 years old and very naughty I have a feeling I am going to have my hands full with this one :)

Before Zina came to us for the first time she, and Sacha had arranged to go to a party the day after. They both decided not to tell me and they stayed out all night! Of course I found out and Zina was soundly strapped on her still sore bottom from her first spanking. Her bottom marks very easilly and they don't go away quickly either I also introduced her to our Punishment stool. Sacha will not be spared either




zina gets soundly punished for
visiting a coffee shop part 1 and 2


As you all must know people do not go into Coffee shops in Amsterdam for a cup of Java and a slice of cake. Zina thought I must quickly get in a visit before Mike tells me it is not allowed She forgot my asking for permission rule so I decided to give her a very painfull session. I laid her flatt on our punishment bench and I used my heavy strap, birch and my stingy Egyptian cane on her cheeky Greek bottom. Afterwards she admitted it was exactly what she needed )






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