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zoe's introduction

zoe's first spanking

I am Zoe and i am 24 years old. I am a single girl from Holland.A few years back I had a boyfriend and he was very strict and he spanked my bottom whenever i was naughty and i loved it! I really miss and need someone to correct me regularly because basically i am very very naughty....*wink* 
I contacted Mike and Kelly and they promised to give my bottom what it needs and BOY!!! do they! Especially Mike he spanks SOOO hard and nothing goes past him! he is ever so strict with me! But i neeeeed it and i love it though!

As it is the tradition on our website after we introduced Zoe to the members she was taken over the knee and her bottom got it's first taste of what it would get if she is naughty. She did enjoy her first spanking even though it stung a lot! She was quite turned on the little minx!

zoe gets a sound leather paddling for surfing naughty websites instead of cleaning

zoe is pulled out of bed and gets a good spanking for forgetting lunch

When I paid Zoe an unexpected visit one day after her first spanking I found the little minx sitting behind her laptop with her house in a mess around her. Apparently little Zoe was surfing naughty websites on her laptop so I pulled out my trusty leather paddle and bent her over the back of her sofa. I gave her still tender bottom a good leather paddling and when it was over, she had to clean the entire house with her bottom bare.

Kelly and I told Zoe that we would pick her up at noon and take her to lunch but when we got there, the little minx was still in bed! I pulled her out of bed by her ear and put her across my knee. I gave her cute little bottom a firm spanking and afterwards told her to remove all her clothes as an extra humiliation before she was sent to the shower with a very red and sore little bottom.


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